After 12 years in the minor leagues and a string of unfortunate events Lucky Haskins is finally moving on up to the majors!  Is today Lucky’s lucky day... or will someone take him out of the ballgame?  Sing along and solve the mystery!
Musical Murder Mysteries
No Survivors 
Hollywood Kills
Project Gunway 
1939 Radio Murder 
Tony & Tina's Murder
Video Murder Awards
Who Snuffed Scrooge?
Murder at the Noir Café
Who Murdered Motown?
Pirates of the Silver Screen
The Revenge of Violet Rose
What About Uncle Bob's Funeral?
Videos Killed The Radio Star
Thoroughly Modern Murder
3 Strikes...You're Dead!
American Idol Murder
My Deadly Valentine
Bachelor of Death
Cirque du Murder
A Titanic Mystery
The Vampire Ball
Project Red Hat
Radio Murder

Baseball Murder Mystery
NOT A SATELLITE GROUP: NOT A MINGLE!  Random Acts: The Murder Mystery Company combines interaction, music and scripted productions that bring you the very best of the murder mystery genre!  No preparation required on your part!  We show up and do all the work!
3 Strikes...You're Dead
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